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Fletching Jigs

Fletch your own arrows using our fletching jigs and clamps. Jigs hold your arrow in place while you fletch, while the clamps hold the fletching firmly against the shaft while the glue sets. Fletching jigs allow you to rotate the arrow shaft a set amount, so that the fletchings will be evenly spaced around the shaft. Many fletching jigs are available in left helical and right helical as well as straight, and allow you to do some form of offset.

Fletching jigs come in different sizes, with some of the larger ones allowing you to attach more than one fletching at once and the smaller ones without a stand being perfect for repairing your fletchings in the field.

If you use spin vanes, a regular jig can be used for marking where the vanes should be placed, although there is a jig especially for this.

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