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Traditional Archery Bows

Traditional bows take you back to when archery started. Crafted out of different types of wood, these no-nonsense bows are archery in its original form, used without a conventional sight, stabiliser and other similar equipment that is used in recurve and compound shooting.
The longbow has, in the past, traditionally been made out of a single piece of yew, known as a self bow, but in latter years, mainly because of the lack of yew, other woods have come to the fore, woods such as lemon wood, bamboo and hickory.
The British longbow is now a laminated bow using the woods mentioned with a centre strip of harder woods such as purple heart or green heart.The tips are now made from horn and shaped in many different ways from very plain to ornate designs.
Other styles of the traditional bow include the, self longbow, flat bow, hunting bow, horse bows and traditional one piece recurve. Click on picture of category you require

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