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The nock is inserted in the back end of the arrow and keeps the arrow in place on the string while the bow is being drawn. Historically nocks were made of horn or wood or were either just slots cut into the wooden arrow shaft. Nowadays they are made of plastic, available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

The two main types of nocks are over nocks and insert nocks. Over nocks glue onto aluminium or wood shafts with a coned end, fitting over the cone. Insert nocks press fit into the shaft, sometimes with a unibush installed depending on the diameter of the shaft. A variant of the insert nock is the pin nock, which consists of a metal pin with a plastic pin nock fitted over it. This then is inserted into the shaft in the same way as an ordinary insert nock. Both insert and over nocks are available in a variety of shapes and at Centreshot we stock all the main brands like AAE, Beiter, Easton and Bohning.

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