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Recurve Limbs

Recurve limbs come in pairs and are generally available in three sizes of length (Hoyt have started making a fourth size: extra short), which will alter the overall length of the bow. Limbs are normally made from multiple layers of fibreglass, carbon, carbon-foam and / or wood. While budget and more expensive limbs look very similar, the more high-end models tend to be more efficient, faster and less prone to twisting.

For your first set of limbs, we normally recommend buying low poundage budget limbs that you find easy to draw back so that you can work on your shooting form without struggling against the bow. An archer will usually want to move on to higher poundage limbs after around six months, so having the first as a budget pair means that you save money for the second pair which should last longer.

We stock a wide selection of limbs from the top brands such as Hoyt, Sebastien Flute and Win & Win, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced archer, there’s a pair of limbs for you!

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