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Points & Inserts

There are three main types of arrow points that we sell.

The first sort is glued into the end of the arrow shaft. These points include the Easton One Piece and Nibb points. Break-off points (such as for the Easton X10 and AGC) are a variant of this sort, being attached in the same manner, but having their weight customised by sections being broken off until the point is the required weight.

The second type of point is the screw in point, like the Easton ACE Bulge or Saunders Combo points. These have to be attached to the arrow shaft with a point insert, which the points are screwed in to. The advantage of this is that the points can be easily changed if one has got damaged or you are tuning your arrow weight.

The third point is used on wooden arrows and glues on over the end of the shaft. All of the points of this type that we supply at Centreshot are made by Bearpaw.

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