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There are many items of archery equipment that are worn on the body, whether it’s to protect you, help you shoot better or just for convenience.
Some archery apparel is worn for protection, arm guards and chest guards protect the archer’s arm and chest from the bow string, while a finger tab or glove will protect your fingers when you release the bow string.
Using a bow sling will help you shoot better as you’ll no longer need to grip the bow handle when executing a shot, allowing you to practise correct shooting form. Shooting with a finger tab with an anchor gives the archer a consistent reference point at full draw, helping you to repeat the same shot. Some of the high end finger tabs also have extras to further enhance your consistency.
Quivers are a convenient way for the archer to carry and hold their arrows. On the shooting line it’s easier to select your arrows as you shoot if they’re held in a quiver rather than just on the ground. When collecting your arrows they can be placed in a quiver, making them easier and safer to carry back to the shooting line. Click on picture of category you require.


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