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Carbon / Aluminium Arrow Shafts

The aluminium / carbon composite (or alloy-carbon) is the most popular type of shaft for outdoor target archery. These shafts are made of an aluminium core, with an outer wrapping of carbon fibre. Easton’s top alloy shafts own every single outdoors recurve world record. They are better over long distances than aluminium arrows, being lighter and faster.

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Easton ACG Shaft

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Easton ACC Shaft

Easton ACC Shafts

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PROCOMP Shafts by Easton

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Easton X10 Parallel Pro Shaft

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Easton ACE Shafts

Easton ACE Shafts x 12

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Easton X10 ProTour Shafts x 12

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Easton X10 Shafts

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