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Recreational Longbows

When you think of a traditional bow, it is probably the English longbow that springs to mind. With such a rich heritage, who could fail to be impressed by one? Bring a piece of history alive by shooting one of our  recreational “traditional” bows
The cross-section of a longbow’s limbs is circular or ‘D’ shaped, unlike flat bows that are rectangular. Modern longbows tend to be made of different timbers that are glued together, traditional ones are from a single piece of wood…the Rattan bows are from one piece of  Manau  (coconut wood) the d shape is reversed because of the grain of this material.  There is also a cut out  to enable the arrow to clear the bow, which is different to a longbow.



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Bearpaw 'Little Bear' Set

Childrens Traditional Bow set

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Traditional 58 Inch Longbow

Buck Trail Rattan Longbow 58″

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Bearpaw Traditional Star (Long) 68 Inch Longbow

Buck Trail”Traditional ” Style longbow, self nocked

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