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Compound Pin Sights

The most common type of pin sight for compound bows is known as a ‘fixed pin’ sight. These are popular for 3D target shooting. Fixed pin sights have a number of individual pins (usually between three and five) where each pin is set to a particular distance, usually at 5 or 10 yard or metre increments. All these pins remain fixed into position in the sight during shooting. When shooting at an unknown distance, the archer needs to estimate the distance and use the corresponding pin, or gap between the pins if the distance isn’t a nice round number. These sights tend to incorporate fibre optic cable for bright aiming dots on the end of each pin and many have bubble levels to help accuracy by preventing bow canting (tipping to the side).

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Maximal Solid Standard Pin Sight

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Maximal Solid Micro Pin Sight

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Fuse Helix Micro 5 Pin Sight

Cybex xt Micro 5 Pin Compound Sight

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