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Mybo Aeris Long Rod Stabiliser


The Mybo Aeris stabilisers are how all stabilisers should be made – For tournament archers, competing in real world shooting conditions. Features: 20mm, high rigidity carbon shaft, Solid aluminium mounting bushings, Silicone damper unit (included) Solid Steel weights (included), Adjustable mounting thread to ensure graphics are always the right way up! The AREIS features a dual core carbon shaft: 1x 1mm 100% pure carbon, unidirectional layer. 1x 1mm carbon mix layer


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A stabiliser is all too often relegated to last place when budgeting for equipment. The simple fact is that stabilisers can have a dramatic effect on how a bow performs. Maybe not in a laboratory, or in a shooting machine. But in the human world, the less than perfect “oops, I didn’t mean to do that” world of real shooting. In tense, difficult conditions, the right stabiliser set up can save your score.

If we all shot perfect shots, every time, stabilisers wouldn’t matter. But since we are not all shooting machines, stabilisers should be given every bit as much consideration as the bow you are fitting them to.

There are two primary functions of a stabiliser, and one secondary function.
Primary: Improve forgiveness & improve aim
Secondary: Control vibration

Improve Forgiveness: This is one of the primary functions of a stabiliser. When a shot is executed, the bow should remain as stable as possible while the arrow is pushed through the bow. When a bow is drawn, all sorts of uneven pressures are built up in the bow. At the moment of loose, all of these pressures are released, all wanting to push the bow in different directions. If this movement was exactly the same each time, as if shot from a machine, it could be argued that it wouldn’t affect accuracy. But since some of these pressures that build up are generated from your contact with the bow (e.g. grip contact, string contact) they are not the same every time. In fact, they can be drastically different! (e.g. a bad loose). This is where the word ‘forgiveness’ comes into the equation.

The act of suspending weights at a distance away from the bow makes it harder for these forces to move the bow off line. The greater the weight, the more forgiving the bow becomes.

If you are a follower of archery trends, you will have noticed in recent years how the best archers are using more and more weight on their stabilisers. Unfortunately, many stabilisers currently on the market can not handle this weight. If the shaft of the stabiliser is too weak (too flexible) the effect of the added weight is neutralised due to the whip of the rod.The AERIS stabiliser features ultra stiff carbon shafts that can accommodate heavy weights if so desired.

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